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12 new Irish songs you should hear

12 new Irish songs you should hear

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.




Celaviedmai - Confessions (Official Music Video) | New Eire Tv

Celaviedmai has returned like a slap in the face with new single ‘Confessions’. Explosive yet clean trap production lays down the landscape for some serious bars from the Galway rapper. Confessions is all too brief but feels like a statement of intent from an Irish rapper about to move into an incredibly exciting stage of her career.

– Kelly Doherty


Tandem Felix

Nightclub (I Sold My Soul To The Devil)

Tandem Felix - Nightclub (I Sold My Soul to the Devil)

The fear has never sounded better than on Dublin band’s Tandem Felix‘s ‘Nightclub’. Dreamy yacht rock straight out of the capital.

-Luke Sharkey


New Jackson

Romancecar (Homeaway)


David Kitt’s electronic alias New Jackson provides the listener with three minutes of dreamy progressive music as a reprise of a recent EP’s main track. ‘Romancecar’ is an understated, sleek synth gem and the beatless version further highlights it. Get some decent headphones and light up your next long walk or drive. It arrived fresh to our minds this week with a new video courtesy of Jack Ashley.

-Luke Sharkey



Can’t Love Me ft Uniq

Kaé - Can't Love Me ft UNQ (Official Music Video) |New Eire Tv

Dearfach Records and GXRLCODE member Kaé is back with a slab of R&B pop goodness. A radio-ready number that’s equal parts charming and catchy, ‘Can’t Love Me’ is a bubbly self-empowerment anthem with infectious production and instantly likeable pop vocals. Kaé has a crossover hit in waiting on her hands.

-Kelly Doherty


Strange Boy

Make My Day (prod. Blu Majic Beat Co)

Px Music is increasingly becoming a reliable source for excellent Irish hip-hop and Strange Boy’s ‘Make My Day’ is another success for the label. A slice of oddball discordant trap, ‘Make My Day’ is proper ‘blasting with your car windows down’ music. Strange Boy’s rapid-fire flow is distinct and unrelenting and the chorus is built to be screamed along with.

-Kelly Doherty


Automatic Blue X Ghostking Is Dead

Boy Toy

Boy Toy (feat. Ghostking Is Dead)

Two Hausu artists team up for some glamourous disco fun. It’s not surprising, but Automatic Blue and Ghostking Is Dead make for quite the pairing. We reall dig the difference in vocal approaches from both artists, two sides of the same eccentric coin.

-Luke Sharkey




Time now for some pop informed indie music courtesy of Irish four-piece Milk. Some very nice production on this one, with full lows really providing the level for the rest of the track. The songwriting is dynamic, as is the arrangement. This is damn good stuff.

-Luke Sharkey


Fionn Regan

Collar of Fur

Collar of Fur - Fionn Regan - Official Lyric Video

Wicklow troubadour Fionn Regan has built a career off lyrical folk and ‘Collar of Fur’ continues the tradition. The first cut off next month’s release Cala, ‘Collar of Fur’ is gentle and beautifully intricate. It’s the equivalent of a musical hug with Regan’s warm vocals pulling you into his dreamy acoustic world.

-Kelly Doherty




Dublin six-piece Nuxsense returns with some almighty bars. ‘PRT LUV’ is a jazzy, night time hip-hop meditiation. The group dynamic continues to get richer and richer, the lads trade bars with style on this oene.

-Luke Sharkey


101 Beats Per Minute

Gimme A Jay

Collaborative electronic project 101 Beats Per Minute has churned out a line of diamonds and the latest addition to the compilation is no different. ‘Gimme A Jay’ is a chilled-out, wavey number with icy synths shimmering over a spaced-out beat providing a meandering moment of relaxation.

-Kelly Doherty


Kaka Mollz



Hip-hop artist Kaka Mollz has been flying under the radar over the last while with a stellar feature on Hazey Haze’s Spillin’ Beans EP and a couple of promising singles under her belt. Her new track Addicted is an intimate R&B cut with soulful vocals playing out over lo-fi moody beats, showcasing a more gentle element of her arsenal. Produced by AKIA, Addicted is a tender moment from yet another promising Limerick artist.

-Kelly Doherty


Fat Pablo



Fat Pablo continues to be one of the city’s most interesting bands. ‘Percolator’ has a near trip-hop vibe, like something off an Unkle record. The group blend the bleak with the psychedelic on this new single, the sound of time passing over a grey cityscape.

-Luke Sharkey

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