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2,000 & 250-capacity music venues proposed for Vicar Street quarter

2,000 & 250-capacity music venues proposed for Vicar Street quarter

In February, the Irish Times shared the news that Harry Crosbie was looking to build a 2000-capacity venue in the docklands twice the size of Vicar Street along, and the same newspaper reports today that Harry Crosbie has changed his plans.

It now looks like the owner of Vicar Street is planning on building a 2000-seated capacity music venue right beside the original Vicar Street venue, along with a 250 seat capacity smaller venue.

The Times reports that “Mr Crosbie has reached an agreement to rent a piece of land behind Meath Street Church that has not been used for more than 50 years,” and proposes to build a venue on that land.

Mr Crosbie envisages retaining the existing Vicar Street venue and upgrading it while creating a musical quarter with the 2,000 capacity venue and also a 250 mini-venue in the old famine school in Vicar Street.

A new 2,000-capacity seated venue could mean a large 2600 capacity venue space for standing, which Dublin city has not had for a long time.

Vicar Street has a 1,050 seated capacity and a 1500 standing capacity. 3Olympia Theatre has a 1,240 seated capacity and 1,600 standing.

3Arena has a minimum capacity of 8000 stretching to 13000 total.

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