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The 25 best songs of the last month

The 25 best songs of the last month



Fabiano Paladino


The Paul Insitute is back and being practically prolific! Palladino’s ‘Shimmer’ is a classic ’80s pop ballad with emotive vocals that sound a bit like Solange.


River Yarra

Respiration Alternée avec Elen Huynh

Delightful bright ambient-house style from an Australian producer from an EP called Lucky Boy that I’d recommend every track from.


Marquis Hawkes ft. Jamie Lidell

We Should Be Free

The golden soul voice of English singer Jamie Lidell doesn’t get utilised on joyful dance music as much as it should. Which is why this feature on Berlin-based UK producer Marquis Hawkes is such a delight. It’s a seven-minute house track on which Lidell puts on an exalted and transcendental soul singer show.


Kojaque ft. Luka Palm

Date Night

Kojaque and Luka Palm have teamed up once again to bring us ‘Date Night’. The pair had previously worked together on ‘Politicksis’, a track on Kojaque’s Deli Daydreams released earlier this year. Where that track felt introverted and reflective, ‘Date Night’ is an in your face night time anthem. With lush trap-inspired production courtesy of Kean Kavanagh, ‘Date Night’ is another definite reminder that the whole Softboy crew are among the most creative and prolific in Irish hip-hop.


Ross From Friends

Project Cybersyn

British producer and DJ Ross From Friends’ Family Portrait is a highly experimental dance record. Released on Brainfeeder records, owned and operated by Flying Lotus, the album’s lofty ambitions tend to only be realised on every second or third track. ‘Project Cybersyn’ is the best track on the album. A beautiful mixture of hard techno and contemporary classical, the song would feel as at home on the dancefloor as through your headphones in your bedroom.




After the negative reception which met the release of 2017’s Humanz, Damon Albarn and co. seem to have gone back to drawing board, tweaking their sound and musical ethos. The result of this self-appraisal is The Now Now. At 12 songs in length and with a run time of a mere 40 minutes, The Now Now is the group’s most condensed studio effort to date. The songs which make up that 40 minutes are generally upbeat, simple and feature far more of Albarn’s own voice. ‘Tranz’ is perhaps the singers finest vocal performances to date, with his howling melody on the chorus being genuinely hair-raising.


Rex Axes


Old school techno from Israeli electronic duo. Plenty of 808-era snares and hi-hats. Expect to hear this from your favourite DJ in your nightclub of choice.


Christine & The Queens

Girlfriend (Palms Trax remix)

While the original mix of ‘Girlfriend’ had plenty to delight listeners, the Palms Trax remix elevates the tune to a synth-wave banger. Arpeggiated synth bases and rolling 80s drum sounds make this the sort of track that’d whip a late night crowd into a frenzy. Everyone’s a winner.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Time In Common

Taking their cues from ’80s college rock and Australian bands like The Go-Betweens and R.E.M comes this highlight from their new record Hope Downs on Sub Pop Records. It’s an old-fashioned thrill and you can catch them at Whelan’s on August 21st.



1999 Wildfire

Brockhampton are blowing up right now and that’s a fact. Despite recent controversy surrounding the now former member Ameer Vann, the group’s music seems to have only improved. ‘1999 Wildfire’ harkens back to the G-funk hip-hop era, with the members of the group taking turns delivering bars over the groove-fuelled instrumental.


Off The Meds

Currency Low

Off The Meds are a Swedish tech-house duo. Their new double single Currency Low/Forgot About You showcases the group’s versatility as performers and producers. ‘Currency Low’ is dark and broody, with sinister overtones lingering throughout the track. It could be in the rattle of the double bass or the cold vocal delivery throughout the track. Either way, ‘Currency Low’ is well worth your time and attention.

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