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3×3 with Low Sea

3×3 with Low Sea


lowsea The Low Sea are a little known Galway-based band made up of Billie and Bobby D who have been seducing people with their hazy, spaced-out electronic-infused shoegaze dream-pop. Fans of Hope Sandoval and Mazzy Star will love them.

Having recently signed to Lefse Records (home to Neon Indian, Phaseone) , I’m surprised I haven’t seen much about them yet. That’ll change when the band release their debut EP on the label. In the meantime, the band have an album Las Olas available. They do a mean cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sweet Jane’ (hear it below). Here, Low Sea introduce themselves with some 3×3 facts and you can hear some tunes below too.

Low Sea – ‘Never Yours’

Three things we should know about Low Sea

  • Low Sea self-released its debut album Las Olas 2 months ago. It’s limited to 250 copies and is available through our myspace site or digitally.
  • Low Sea are not from Ireland.
  • Listening to Low Sea can make you feel drowsy…

Three big influences on your sound
It changes all the time, but today it would be…
Giorgio Moroder, Wire, Former Ghosts,

Three favourite things about Galway

  • The sea – we live right on the sea and regularly enjoy sipping a Martini or two on the beach.
  • The great big Wolfhound who jogs through town with a bell around his neck.
  • 24 hour party people.