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A Dance At The Dáil peaceful rave protest” happens on Friday

A Dance At The Dáil peaceful rave protest” happens on Friday

A Dance At The Dáil protest is planned to take place at the Dàil this Friday.

Having previously, put on protests about early curfews and vaccine passports during COVID, the group’s Friday event is aimed at highlighting the need to abolish Special Exemption Orders (SEOs).

The €410 special exemption order (SEOs) are the fees that nightclubs have to get in a court appearance by an appointed lawyer so they can open to 2:30am/3am. They were waived right after COVID but allowed to come back in despite the government saying they would abolish the fees.

Meanwhile, while we wait for the Irish government to actually make these long overdue promised changes, with summer 2024 the deadline suggested, which were intially announced just over a year ago, including: later pub opening later, the possibility of nightclubs opening til 6am, modernised bills, acultural licences and night-time advisors. Only the night-time advisor roles have progressed.

Dance At The Dáil protest takes place on Friday November 3rd from 6pm to 10:30pm at the the William Plunkett statue on Kildare Street “for a peaceful rave protest”.

DJs include Rory Sweeney, Nebulah, Julia Louise Knifefest, Ayolxi, Sleepless Beauty, Hello Clitty and Panda Drey.

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