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A Dublin & Belfast techno/noise/rap collab from Yard & YinYang – ‘Ecdysis’

A Dublin & Belfast techno/noise/rap collab from Yard & YinYang – ‘Ecdysis’

Here’s a sweet little collaboration between the Dublin techno-noise band Yard and the Belfast punky hip-hop artist Lauren Hannan aka YinYang.

‘Ecdysis’ amounts to a clash of techno and lo-fi-hip-hop, a true mind melt of both their styles.

“ECDYSIS is about getting into something that you know has the potential to cause you harm. When it inevitably does, you have to pick yourself up, shed your skin of it and (hopefully) grow wiser for the next time”

Ecdysis is the process of shedding the old skin in reptiles, in this case snakes. We know snakes to be dangerous so we don’t get too close. With humans, some times it’s harder to tell just how dangerous they are until you’re right up close. Then you have to shed your skin of them, leaving a part of you behind.

“Trust a snake to bite you
Trust it to be itself
It’s not trying to be anybody else”


Yard have recently supported Shame and Scalping in Dublin and you can find them on Insta and Spotify.

Catch YinYang over on Insta / Spotify too.