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A new jazz night kicks off with interpretations of Nirvana, Pearl Jam & more @ The Complex’s new venue space

A new jazz night kicks off with interpretations of Nirvana, Pearl Jam & more @ The Complex’s new venue space

Next Wednesday April 5th, The Complex’s new small jazz space called The Cooler will host the first night of a regular jazz night at Mary’s Abbey, off Capel Street.

Update: This gig has been rescheduled to Wednesday 13th September, due to COVID.

The Cooler is aiming to be a new home for jazz in Dublin at The Complex in the city, amd Chris Guilfoyle’s Pathways Trio will be playing the new intimate venue space on the night. The Cooler is so called because that’s what it was, a self-contained cooler room for the space’s former life as a banana ripening storage room.

A band billed as an international collaboration project, it’ll feature Guilfoyle and two European jazz musicians, bassist Lukas Traxel and drummer Moritz Baumgartner, exploring some particular musical roots and influence of Guilfoyle’s.

Chris Guilfoyle’s music for the trio traces a line from his earliest musical exploration as a punk guitarist, through forays into grunge, math rock, metal and electronic music, which means airing of jazz interpretations of Nirvana, Hendrix, Pearl Jam and some Aphex Twin too.

Ticket info on IMC or Eventbrite.

About Chris Guilfoyle / Lukas Traxel / Moritz Baumgartner

Known for his melodic and groove-driven quintet Umbra, Chris comes from a musical family which is a pillar of the Irish jazz scene – his father, bassist and composer Ronan Guilfoyle, and uncle drummer Conor Guilfoyle both having long left their mark on Irish jazz. As a performer, and as a lecturer on DCU’s degree programme in Jazz and Contemporary Music performance, Chris is also leaving a mark on the next generation.

Lukas Traxel and drummer Moritz Baumgartner have both previously performed (as has Guilfoyle) at IMC’s pan-European contemporary jazz festival 12 Points – Traxel with the Swiss Marie Krüttli Trio and Baumgartner with the German Lisbeth Quartett.

With this trio’s exploration of a myriad of great music, the Pathways trio explores what it means to be a contemporary jazz musician in a digital, post-genre world.