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Actress releases the chess-inspired track ‘Push Power ( a 1 )’

Actress releases the chess-inspired track ‘Push Power ( a 1 )’

Darren Cunningham aka Actress has released a new song called ‘Push Power ( a 1 )’, a discombobulating and edifying track built from minimal bass, beats, interweaving vocal samples and piano lines.

The track was released today on Ninja Tune, and is the followup to the Dummy Corporation EP released last November.

“Push Power ( a 1 )” mirrors an intricate game of chess. With each thoughtful move the game grows and develops over time – something we can hear reflected in the textured and delicate layers of the track. “( a 1 ) The first move”

Darren Cunningham

‘Push Power ( a 1 )’ arrives ahead of a live performance at Field Day in London this weekend. Actress will be showing ‘Grey Interiors’ – an A/V project in collaboration with experimental creative studio ActualObjects who’ve worked with the likes of ShyGirl, KaliUchis, LSDXOXO.

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