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Alarm will Sound – Aphex Twin Acoustic

Alarm will Sound – Aphex Twin Acoustic

AFX Alarm will sound

While listening out to Bernard Clarke’s Lyric FM show Nova for the recent Boxcutter Session, Clarke also played an old favourite of mine from Alarm will Sound – The Aphex Twin Acoustic album so I thought I’d mention it here.

Proving the versatility of AFX’s back catalogue, Alarm will Sound, a 20-piece chamber orchestra, composed instrumental versions of Richard D. James’ electronic tunes to devasting effect and in the process, found a commonground between inventive electronica and studiously-serious music halls.

Hear for yourself as the two different versions of “Fingerbib” exist in a remarkably likeable duality.

Happy Pancake Tuesday!


Alarm Will Sound – Finger Bib


Aphex Twin – Finger Bib



Sample the Acoustica album here.