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Ali Love – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (Villa remix)

Yeh, so this is one of those “I prefer the obscure remix” posts in truth but the original tune above shows the form Ali Love first displayed on his brilliant single in January ‘Love Harder’. It’s good electro pop dancey stuff but it’s the Villa remix I’m really interested in. Much more playful and disco-based it clocks in at nearly 7 minutes of fun. Villa is from Belgium which maybe explains why there’s a whack of Aeroplane off this.

Ali Love – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (Villa remix)

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, Ali Love – ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (Villa remix)

Random facts I somehow read yesterday: Ali Love’s girlfriend is Mischa Barton and his real name is Alexander McLovan. McLovan’s album Love Harder is out next week through Backyard.

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