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Alt-J – ‘Every Other Freckle’

Alt-J – ‘Every Other Freckle’

After the Miley-featuring ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ and ‘Left Hand Free’, Alt-J have dropped a third track from their This Is All Yours album due September.

It’s a cross between An Awesome Wave style dynamics, English folk, Oompa Loompa chants and electronica with libidinous lyrics suggesting Joe Newman wants to “turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet.”

The band play the O2 on September 27th. The album is out the week before.

This Is All Yours tracklisting

  1. ‘Intro’
  2. ‘Arrival In Nara’
  3. ‘Nara’
  4. ‘Every Other Freckle’
  5. ‘Left Hand Free’
  6. ‘Garden Of England’
  7. ‘Choice Kingdom’
  8. ‘Hunger Of The Pine’
  9. ‘Warm Foothills’
  10. ‘The Gospel Of John Hurt’
  11. ‘Pusher’
  12. ‘Bloodflood Pt II’
  13. ‘Leaving Nara’