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Animal Collective live videos from Tripod

Animal Collective live videos from Tripod

Fourth time seeing AC and it was certainly the best Dublin date so far I thought. I’ve come to be prepared not to be so expectant when they play live as sometimes I doubt their ability to entertain a crowd, if that’s what you are looking for. You’re not going to get three great showmen up there but you will get three great musicians playing with sound. But for what it was worth I really enjoyed last night’s set of mostly Merriweather material. There were a couple of minutes where it meandered (I’m looking at you ‘Fireworks’ extended K-Hole) but there were enough great moments to make the gig something memorable: Hearing ‘My Girls’ live, the trance-inducing house chord progression of the outro of ‘Daily Routine’ that only becomes apparent in a live setting was a little wave of euphoria. The first part of ‘Fireworks’ with its razorsharp bounce and ‘Brother Sport’ as the climactic number. Watch those last two moments here..

Animal Collective vs Frankie Knuckles – Your Love / My Girls

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