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Armenian gangsta rap is…not so good.

Armenian gangsta rap is…not so good.

Well Armenia’s KRO at least. Break it down:

  1. Sub-par West Coast 90s gangsta instrumental. Sounds like something Warren G might have come up with.
  2. Low-Budget attempt at a bar/club video bathed in swish blue light. Like a urinal.
  3. We get a gimpy looking KRO in a suit. Nice tache.
  4. His amazingly smooth baritone flow. Even he sounds bored.
  5. KRO’s female accompaniment, Helen is little too shop assistant for a hip-hop video.
  6. Old geezer with a camera who really shouldn’t be in shot.
  7. “Just another gangsta in the ghetto trying to survive..” Woeful lyrics all round.

it reminds me of this: Sometiiiimes / People make a war / don’t know what it’s for..

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