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Auxiliary Phoenix drops future beats on ‘BRB’

Auxiliary Phoenix drops future beats on ‘BRB’


Last February, Carlow-based producer, musician and DJ James Strain aka Auxiliary Phoenix debuted ‘Night Light’ featuring vocals from Cannibal Ox’s Vast Air.

Now, the project has an EP out on March 2nd which will house that song and four others which feature collaborations with Gentle Jones, Illab and Knowah.

Strain describes the EP as “future beats / hip hop tracks” and says there is “some footwork-tinged electronic beats, sitar, and rap”.

‘BRB’ is an instrumental standout, a trip-hop style workout with dazed piano and rhythms that are reminscent of Fly Lo.


1. Night Light (feat. Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox & Gentle Jones)
2. BRB
3. Signal Boost (feat. Knowah)
4. Neptune Horizon
5. A Splash of Paint (feat. D-Sisive)
6. Night Light V2 (Remix feat. Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Gentle Jones & Illab)