Photo: Crutch / Lucy Robinson
10 of the best Irish songs this week

Featuring Balordabreen, Rory Sweeney, Toby Kaar, EMBY, Yard, Keanu The Pilot, Curtisy, Fee Gray, Dream Boy, Stomptown Brass, exmagician, Crutch, Lucy Robinson.

10 songs we love this week

Featuring Kojaque, Rachael Lavelle, The Scratch, Future Islands, Yard Act, ØXN, Serpentwithfeet, Rory Sweeney, Ahmed With Love, EMBY, Curtisy, Elaine Mai, Soft Centre, Jordan Nocturne.

12 new Irish songs to hear this week

Featuring Man Alive, Tomike, Trá Pháidín, DaRoy, Zeztra, Zissou, EMBY, TraviS, Elzzz, Problem Patterns, Hi Vista, IB Rebel, Loners, Anice O, Telebox.

The best music of February 2023

Featuring: Lana Del Rey, Caroline Polachek, Youth Lagoon, Men I Trust, Young Fathers, The National, Skrillex, Jessie Ware, Chósta, EMBY, Rory Sweeney, Indigo De Souza, Kate Davis, Sleaford Mods, Two Shell, Qbanaa & more.

Guestlist: Sputnik One on his current favourite Irish releases

Dublin producer Sputnik One has teamed up with London-born Belfast-based MC EMBY on a three-track…

12 great new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring Elaine Howley, TraviS,Ham Sandwich, Adam Mohamed, EDEN, E The Artist, Ahmed With Love, Blind Stitch, Soundspeed, Milk., Siobhán Franks, Coachdog, Rory Sweeney, EMBY, PAGAN.

15 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring Thumper, Inni-K, Wallis Bird, Walshy, Xkane, Linco, D*mp, Curtisy, Last Apollo, Yesunia, My Tribe Your Tribe, ZASKA, USNA, Jayem, Juggrite, AC-130, EMBY, Tomike, Far Caspian, Naked Lungs.