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Guestlist: Sputnik One on his current favourite Irish releases

Guestlist: Sputnik One on his current favourite Irish releases

Dublin producer Sputnik One has teamed up with London-born Belfast-based MC EMBY on a three-track release on his new label N-Face which comes out on October 18th.

Lead track ‘Supa Natural’ is out now, a grimey bass-heavy track with EMBY’s distinct voice on the track. The pair recently performed on HÖR Berlin too. Here’s the track previews and Bandcamp.

To mark the release, Sputnik One has put together a playlist of 10 tracks for us of his favourite Irish tracks / releases of the moment.


Carlton Doom

Wolf Whistle (Reger Remix)

I feel like this remix got a bit slept on for how good it is, it’s an absolute mainstay in my sets and an amazing debut production for Reger. He told me the sound was inspired by the Fabric London main room and that definitely comes through.



Act of Goodness 

Irish Bass / Dub heat. Can’t fault Ambit’s latest offering on the last Woozy compilation, it has all the good stuff, wubs for days.


Curtisy x Ahmed, w/ Love. x Rory Sweeney


Kojaque just remixed this but the original is my favourite – Impeccable flows on impeccable beats, some of the Island’s shining stars in my opinion




As the alter ego of Strangelove, FRND delivers this gorgeously melodic dembow-esque tune on one of my favourite upcoming labels out of All City.



Loving Girl

This was easily my song of the summer. Happy to see Efé go from strength to strength on her latest projects, tears on the function room floor :,)


Small Crab

Yerba Cereal

This one is on Marie Montexier’s brand new label, a really nice percussive chugger with a very infectious vocal, neatly wrapped into a psychedelic package. 


Plus One


Love this gorgeous garage slow burner that plus one has come up with here as part of a recent string of two track releases. This one stands out to me in terms of its ASMR-esque sound design and attention to detail in the melodies.




This one is straight breaky carnage, somewhere between punk and drill. Can’t put this one in a box which is what I love in a tune.


Jack Junior

Past (Prozak Remix)

Prozak is well known for his original tunes but Ilike the spin he put on this remix. Effective but wubby and very funky. 



HBE Sessions Freestyle

Last but by far not least, one of the most talented MCs on this green earth. EMBY goes in on this one, like he always does – Especially in our recent hör set  😈

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