Firm City

12 great new Irish songs you should hear today

Featuring Jayronic, Kayleigh Noble, Samuel Powell, Essiray, Def Nettle, Big Sleep, Fortúne Igiebor, Selky, Firm City, David Owens, Polytunnel, Throatsugar.

14 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring NewDad, Henry Earnest, Leo Pearson, Púca, Aoife, Neil Dexter, First Class & Coach, Brawni, Muttonhead, Firm City, Viscose, Willhouse, GI, Sequence, YAWA.

Intro: Dublin/ Berlin duo Firm City assemble a brittle solace-seeking debut song – ‘Slew’

Marking their card with the immediate vibe of ‘Slew’, the duo’s music shows elements of…