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Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The sixth album from the Arctic Monkeys has been met with equal doses of praise and condemnation. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is certainly the group’s most ambitious studio release to date. Musically, the group have shifted away from the dirty guitar riffs of AM opting instead for a more psychedelic layered approach to the songwriting. The result is a much more nuanced sound, though perhaps not as immediately gratifying as the album’s predecessors. Lyrically Tranquility Base see’s Turner at his very best. Citing the influence of science fiction in the writing process in a Radio 1 interview, the lyrics on tracks like ‘Four Out Of Five’ and ‘Star Treatment’ are the perfect blend of cosmic surrealism and dry wit.


Beach House – 7

Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House have established themselves as one of the few bands consistently producing great music. Their new record 7 is both a continuation and a departure from their previous material. The band’s most identifiable traits are all still present. The rich textures and haunting vocal melodies are all there in abundance. However, the music on 7 has an edge their previous material does not. A track like ‘Dark Spring’ finds the group at their most animated while ‘Lemon Glow’ seems to take much influence from trip-hop. The album is a great example of how a band can have an distinguishable sound while avoiding becoming stale.


Paul Alwright – Hungry

Former Lethal Dialect hip-hop artist Paul Alwright has been making waves recently with Hungry, the first solo release by the artist under his own name. It seems like a new beginning for Alwright. The material on Hungry is vibrant, seeming to come from a writer who has something vital to say. Tackling a wide range of subjects from mental health, self doubt and critical thought , the album has an overwhelmingly honest charm. Songs like ‘The Auld Chinaman’ and ‘One Life’ prove that Alwright is one of the best lyricists in the country.


Slow Skies – Realign

Dublin-based singer-songwriter Karen Sheridan has been releasing music under the title of Slow Skies since her debut EP Close in 2013. Realign is the title of the project’s first full studio release. The album is a wonderful nostalgic folk endeavour. Sheridan’s vocal delivery being the absolute stand out feature, both intimate and moving. Whether it’s the lilting hook behind lead single ‘Fire’ or the lush harmonies on the album’s title track, Sheridan’s ability as a singer and melody writer is stunning.


Cloud – Dungaree Daydreams

An Irish man splitting his time between Dublin and London, Cloud has impressed with his debut release Dungaree Daydreams. The album plays like a hybrid between the downer pop vibe of artists like King Krule and the hip-hop essence of groups like Homebeat. Released independently, Dungaree Daydreams’ lo-fi production only adds to the album’s charisma. With a clever ear for a hook and some fantastic beats, Cloud’s music is youthful and exuberant. A welcome addition to the already rich roster of Irish musical talent.


Simian Mobile Disco – Murmurations

Those who would have been worried that Simian Mobile Disco were thinking of calling it a day after the release of an anthology album last year will be relieved to hear of their brand new album Murmurations. In fact, the album sounds like the sort of material from a band who still have plenty to say. This album is the first from the group in years to predominately feature the human voice, with numerous features from all-female vocal group Deep Throat Choir. Murmurations finds the happy balance between the experimental aspects of albums like Whorl and the commercial quality of the group’s earlier material. Album highlights include ‘Caught In A Wave’ and the wonderful ‘Defender’.


Half Waif – Lavender

A self described mood ring pop artist, Half Waif’s new album Lavender is exactly the sort of inventive music you’d expect from such a genre. Fluid synth lines dance above and below the artist’s vocal delivery. The moody vocal lines sound exposed next to the pointed minimalism of the album’s production. On the one hand, it’s a sound that has been explored before. However, there is something unique about the Brooklyn-based artist’s music. There’s a feeling of beat poetry about the lyrics on the album. At times, it sounds like Half Waif is having a frantic conversation with the audience. It makes for some compelling listening.


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The most essential tracks of the last week handpicked by the Nialler9 team. Subscribe to the weekly Spotify playlist (1.2k subscribers) or the daily playlist (4.9k subscribers).


Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz and Saudi – ‘X’

“Are you on ten yet?,” Kendrick asks on this Black Panther soundtrack highlight, goading and amping up his fellow MCs Schoolboy Q, 2 Chainz and Saudi until they are at full hype and Schoolboy drops the line ‘Not even Kendrick can humble me’. It’s one of many highlights from the soundtrack curated by Kendrick that is way better than it has any right to be.


Half Waif – Keep it Out

Massachusetts-born Irish/Swiss singer-songwriter Nandi Rose Plunkett or Half Waif will be releasing her new album Lavender on April 27th. ‘Keep it Out’ is about “the evolution of the self in a relationship: the maintenance of autonomy in the midst of a process of coupling, ageing, and decay.” –

The video was directed by Celina Carney and choreographed by 2nd Best Dance Company. She supports Iron & Wine in the Helix this Valentine’s Night in Dublin.


Wajeed – Earth

Detroit producer and founder of on his own label Dirt Teck Reck records Wajeed has been releasing music since 2000. His latest Mother EP will be out on March 16th sees him make his debut on Planet E Communications. ‘Earth’ from the new EP has some upbeat Floating Points-esque jazz vibes and is certainly a floor-filling grove.


Brame and Hamo – Roy Keane

Sligo producers Brame & Hamo bounced back on the music scene with their first release in two years last December, three track Trants EP. Now the duo are back again just two months later with new EP Club Orange on their self-titled label. First track ‘Roy Keane’ is a funky, upbeat and melodically joyous track that will make you do exactly what its lyrics suggest you do and something you can’t imagine Roy Keane doing… dance. The full EP is out on February 19th.


U.S. Girls – Rosebud

American-Canadian musician Meghan Remy records and produces music under art-pop project U.S. Girls. ‘Rosebud’ is the first track from her forthcoming album In a Poem Unlimited that features soothing high tone vocals from Megan on a low key dance production track with an intertwined violin riff throughout. Reminscent of the Italians Do It Better compilations.


Iceage – ‘Catch It’

Iceage are a four-piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark signed to Matador Records that make punk-rock of a darker tone than most. ‘Catch It’ is the band’s first release in four years which features a poetic lyrical delivery from lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt in his typical dingy fashion, chopped up with a contrasting guitar solo for added reflection.

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Talos -‘Odyssey’

Cork man Eoin French aka Talos has popped up over the last couple of years with a series of fine singles that pitched his music as beautiful electronic ballads.

‘Odyssey’ is the new single, from his forthcoming debut album Wild Alee, out on April 21st. It’s a beautiful and brittle modern electronic ballad, produced by Talos and Ross Dowling.


Jafaris – ‘Love Dies’

Percy Chamburuka aka Jafaris is a rapper and singer with ambition, and is part of the burgeoning new generation of hip-hop artists in Ireland. Formerly known as Profound, Jafaris is one of the most promising of the lot. He also played a bit part in the feel-good movie of 2016 – Sing Street.

He’s dropped his new single ‘Love Dies’ last week, vocal-lead cut of hazy R&B. It’s mightily impressive.


Little Dragon – ‘High’

As indicated earlier this year, via some re-emerging activity, the Swedish band Little Dragon are due to release a new album this year and have an extensive U.S. tour with Glass Animals and Goldlink lined up along with Coachella.

They debuted the chill and billowy song ‘High’ accompanied by an exotic video by Ossian Melin.


Half Waif – ‘Frost Burn’

Nadi Rose Plunkett has a new EP form/a out this week on Cascine and it’s cool collection of synth-pop that reminds me of St. Vincent in vocal tone set to an electronic backing. The EP is influenced by her background – the daughter of an Indian refugee and an American father of Irish/Swiss descent. “somewhere in me is this innate story of searching for a home,” she says. “As a result, I have many – a collection of places that I latch onto, that inspire me, that fuse themselves to me. I’m sentimental, nostalgic – yet constantly seeking what’s next, excavating the sound of my past and coloring it to make the sound of my future. I’m a child of divorce, fiercely loved but forced into independence at a young age; I rocket into relationships with the desire to find roots, commonality, to create stillness in the midst of public noise. In this way, my songs are like the notes of a large scavenger hunt, clues pinned to trees I have known, or tucked under rocks on my path, urging the listener to keep looking a little deeper, because maybe they will find something special in the end.”


Aldous Harding – ‘Horizon’

One of those new songs that stops you in your tracks, the New Zealand singer and musician Aldous Harding’s ‘Horizon’ makes an impact with very little – a confident vocal and piano chords. It’s her first song on new label 4AD and like her press shot above, it’s dramatic and memorable.


Lydia Ainsworth – ‘Afterglow’

Heady gospel electronica from the Toronto musician. It’s built on a languid sloth-like groove but reaches big heights in vocal layers, subtle synth notes and percussive hits. Nice video too. It’s from her forthcoming album ‘Darling Of The Afterglow’ out March 31st.


Erica Cody – ‘Addicted’

Erica Cody is a Dublin singer/songwriter and producer who has been writing songs since she was seven-years-old.

Now 20 and studying at BIMM Dublin, Cody is emerging as one of the new generation of soulful R&B singers coming up in the Irish scene, as seen at Hard Working Class Heroes last year.

‘Addicted’ is Cody’s debut single proper, a R&B pop song which has the same DNA as some of last week’s ’90s R&B playlist (SWV, Boys II Men ) but ‘Addicted’ is a modern electronic-production assisted take on that sound.

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