The 10 best new songs of the week

Featuring The Blessed Madonna, Beck, Phoenix, Róisín Murphy, Faye Webster, Tandem Felix, Peter Gabriel, Midnight Wayne, Autre Monde, Daire Patel, Poser, Blimp, Mild.

11 new Irish songs to hear this week

Feat. Mhaol, Five To Two, JarJarJr, Crying Loser, Wildes, The Flaming Lips, Sharpson, Wax White, Three Stripe Selecta, modernlove., Somebody’s Child, Hallie, Curtisy, Mild, Blimp.

12 new Irish songs you should hear this week

With David Keenan, Junior Brother, Kormac, Jack O’Rourke, Dark Tropics, Vernon Jane, Maeve, ROOUE, ZOiD, Inni-K, Shadeemus, Katie Phelan, Zuchley, Archy Moor, Mild.