Sally Foran was everywhere a good party was had in 2014: from Body & Soul to Drop Everything to house parties to special events in galleries and beyond. A chief buzzer with a great record collection and knowledge, you can catch Sally’s radio show on Wednesdays at 4pm on Radiomade.

Sally found it difficult to distil her favourites to a top 10, always a good sign. Here they are:

1. Timber Timbre – ‘Hot Dreams’

I’m in love with this track. Its synths, melatron and those lazy sexy waves of sax at the end. It’s simply delicious. The lyrics are goofy but he means it all the same. It’s got that velvety timelessness that The Bees ‘I Love You’ holds that commands your attention and stops you in your tracks. Saxy vibes from Canada, who knew says you!


2. Silk Rhodes – ‘Pains’

First prize for awesome and most apt band name for 2014 as far as I’m concerned. This lovely 45 comes courtesy of Stone’s Throw Records and I can’t think of a better label to represent their sound on this track. The sleeve of the 45 is a sheet of acid and it’s definitely somewhat trippy. The pace is gorgeous, it’s a slow-dancing stoner’s dream.

3. Mo Kolours – ‘Mike Black’

Alex Chase brings us a lovely blend of his Mauritian and English roots with his album Mo Kolours. It’s thoughtful, it’s reflective but it’s also playful and really really groovy. His use of percussion is joyous and never overdone, a beautiful sunny holiday album all round.

4. Tops – ‘Way To Be Loved’

I heard this track this summer and it was all I wanted to accompany me on smiling sunny strolls. It was instantly familiar, reminded me so much of early St Etienne which I loved so much as a late teen, it delivered fond and welcomed sentiment for me. I love the licks and and the Françoise Hardy-esque vocals, pure girl crush fodder.

5. The War On Drugs – ‘Red Eyes’

Lost In a Dream gives us everything you want from groovy grown up rock’n’roll. I managed to see them at Primavera which made my summer complete. Surrounded by nearest and dearest and on the ocean, it’s pretty much the only way to see your favourite bands and hear your albums of the year. The only other band that ever made me spazz out as much as I did at this gig was The Redneck Manifesto (R.I.P)

6. Sinkane – ‘New Name’

I met Sinkane frontman Ahmed through an NY buddy in Glasslands, Brooklyn last November. He DJ’d the best set I’d danced to that winter, all the lovely stuff I love the most was played so I wasn’t at all surprised I’d like his album as much as I do and his live show ten fold. They’re as tight as a duck’s arse and the energy and light show in Opium Room’s a few weeks back made it one of my favourite gig’s of the year.

7. Jamie xx – ‘Sleep Sound’

I’ve had this on heavy rotation since it’s release back in May and can’t quite put my finger on why I like it so much. It’s form and pace are testing in parts, it’s a little bit like a hurried tunnel journey if you will. It encompasses all that i love about electronic music. I haven’t tired of it at all and I’ve well overdone it at this stage.

8. New Jackson – ‘Of A Thousand Leaves’

hands down the most commanding dance track of the year and the most satisfying rise and fall NEW JACKSON has ever treated us to. Kittser’s more on form than ever these days and I love where he’s going with this. If you’re not biting your bottom lip and fist pumping the air three minutes in then my friend you’ve a little problem I’m afraid. It’s an absolute classic, I’ve no doubt I’ll love dancing to it and will be playing it for years to come.

9. Future Islands – ‘Doves’ (Vince Clarke remix)

Although this great effort from Vince Clarke doesn’t hold the timelessness that Seasons or A Dream Of You And Me might, and although I doubt it will age very well either, I still hold massively fond memories of dancing to this remix in 2014. You can hear the ghosts of Yazoo and Erasure strongly throughout but the production is perfect and it’s simple bass line platforms Samuel T. Herring’s heart warming vocal beautifully.

10. Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’ ( Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix)

There a lot about the original that makes it sketchy when you play it in a loud and busy club so there’s really nothing else quite like the feeling you get when someone makes it super DJ friendly and maximises all your favourite bits. A fantastic contribution from Dublin’s techno hardshaw Mano Le Tough and the Berlin based A Tale of Us. This year has been particularly memorable for Dublin ravers, DJs and buzz fiends alike but this track definitely stands out as the one everyone is most grateful for. Good man, lads!

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The biannual Beatyard festival chartered by Bodytonic is back for its 8th edition from April 24 to May 4th with a big programme of activities that represent what’s going on in music, media, food, art, exhibitions, talks, films and more under three different strands ‘Music’, ‘Show & Tell’ and ‘Food & Drink’.

Across 25 venues (List below), the above names including Dj Jazzy Jeff, Flight Facilities, Big Daddy Kane, Mo Kolours, Tim Sweeney, Big Daddy Kane, Jon Wayne, Lake Side Dive, Dmitri From Paris, The Fumbally Sessions, Le Cool Experience, Banter and more..

Beatyard Lanyards for discounts plus lineup and specific event details at

The Venues

3FE, All City, Bello Bar, The Bernard Shaw, Block T, The Button Factory, Copper Alley, Damson Diner, Dublin Flea, The Fumbally Cafe, The Grand Social, Indigo & Cloth, Lighthouse Cinema, Luncheonette, MART, Sugar Club, Tower Records, The Twisted Pepper, Wall & Keogh, Whelan’s, The Workman’s Club & more to be announced.

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Special shoutout to the ever-brilliant Stephen Maurice Graham for his illustration. This one, he says, is down to that Psychemagik track and the film Dazed and Confused. Please enjoy 15 tracks in under an hour. A bit less talking, a bit more mixing on this one than usual.

Track list

  1. Mo Kolours – ‘Mike Black’
  2. Gary Low – ‘I Want You’
  3. Psychemagik – ‘What A Funky Night’ (edit)
  4. Chvrches – ‘Lies’ (Lxury remix)
  5. Kaytranada – ‘At All’
  6. Saint Pepsi – ‘Mr. Wonderful’
  7. Isaiah Rashad – ‘Soliloquy’
  8. A$AP Mob – ‘Trillmatic’ feat. A$AP Nast and Method Man
  9. Tinashe – ‘Black Water’
  10. Fatima Al Qadiri – ‘Knight-Fare’ (Post-War dub)
  11. Mssingno – ‘XE2’
  12. Lorde – ‘Ribs’ (Ryan Hemsworth Let’s Have A Sleepover remix)
  13. Burial – ‘Rival Dealer’ (excerpt)
  14. Twigs – ‘Hide’
  15. Lapsley – ‘Station’

Direct MP3 Download: Nialler9 Podcast #45


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10 songs you should hear right now with a playlist below…

1. Andrew Ashong – ‘Love The Way’

Ashong makes beautifully smooth R&B which unfolds in a hypnotic way that is suited to a jazz audience and an electronic one.‘Flowers’ with Theo Parrish was one of last year’s under-the-skin tracks that went everywhere across the globe. This is from his new Special EP.

2. Beck – ‘Blue Moon’

Beck fans rejoice that new album Morning Phase is pretty similar to his breakup album Sea Change. having now heard it, I know that it is indeed. ‘Blue Moon’ is the most expansive track on it.

3. Julio Bashmore – ‘Peppermint’

The track has been online since September but news of its release on February 20th had me scurrying back to it. Jessie Ware provides the vocals. Bashmore is playing Longitude.

4. Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige – ‘F For You’

5. Bibio – ‘Dye The Water Green’

From his new six-track EP out today, this song has a serene hazy beauty too it (and a moving coda), and also featured on Silver Wilkinson, Bibio’s album on Warp last year.

6. Beat Culture – ‘Shibuya’ (feat. Kid A)

Hong-Kong born, now LA-based producer Sunik Kim has made some good music in his short time but ‘Shibuya’ really adds some emotional resonance to his synth-driven electronica thanks largely to Kid A’s vocal tones.

7. One Bit – ‘Cold’

Similar to Ali Love’s ‘Another’, this is a fine slice of pop-sphering dance music. One Bit are UK producers Jonty Howard and Joe Murphy.

8. Mo Kolours – ‘Mike Black’

From the half-Mauritian half-English musician’s forthcoming debut album, comes this soulful percussive handclap track, a standout of the self-titled release out in March.

9. Damon Albarn – ‘Everyday Robots’

Naturally enough, Albarn’s solo material is now an amalgamation of all that he’s done in the last few years. It’s out in April and this song tackles the album’s overall theme – modern technology and nature.

10. Metronomy – ‘Love Letters’

A cross-section of honky-tonk, Motown and 70s English psychedelia on the second single from UK band’s second album of the same name coming in March.

Tracks of the Week playlist

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Highlights:  Sea Sessions,  We Are Losers / RunAround Kids, Hot 8 Brass Band, Paul White & Mo Kolours, Forza Italo and Ships at Forward/Slash.
This is the weekly list of recommended Dublin gigs taking place over the next seven days published every Tuesday. All times are 7.30/8pm unless stated. Feel free to recommend events not present in the comments below. If you’re looking for tickets to sold out gigs try #ticketfairy on Twitter.

Ticket giveaways:

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Mo Kolours‘ debut EP arrived with the description of “Mauritian sega music”. How could you not listen to that? Well, it turns out Mauritian music is commonly known as “sega music”, so we’re not talking 8-bit graphics beamed into pupils. Mo Kolours is also half-Mauritian. ‘Biddies’ turns out to be a vocal loop and handclap-led weird and wobbly soul tune of the highest proportions. It’ll be released properly on 12″ on May 6th along with four other tracks on EP1:Drum Talking. through One Handed Music.

Posted on April 6th, 2011