13 great new Irish songs you should hear today

Featuring Elaine Howley, Judy on the Roof, Khakikid, Sammy Copley, Molijah, Filmore, SHEE, Christian Cohle, Zuchley, Patrick Stefan, Olivia Emade, Poser, owin, Muttonhead, Max Zanga.

14 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring NewDad, Henry Earnest, Leo Pearson, Púca, Aoife, Neil Dexter, First Class & Coach, Brawni, Muttonhead, Firm City, Viscose, Willhouse, GI, Sequence, YAWA.

Listen to Odd Numbers’ The Golden Éire Tapes Vol. 1 featuring 17 Irish rappers

Dublin rapper/producer Odd Numbers‘ is releasing a debut album this week entitled The Golden Éire…