Problem Patterns

10 Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring: Problem Patterns, Marini, Alyxis, Captain Moonlight, Fya Fox, Lushed, Def Nettle, Datqidexcel, AC3, Elaphi.

12 new Irish songs to hear this week

Featuring Man Alive, Tomike, Trá Pháidín, DaRoy, Zeztra, Zissou, EMBY, TraviS, Elzzz, Problem Patterns, Hi Vista, IB Rebel, Loners, Anice O, Telebox.

Photo of Beflast band Problem Patterns
Belfast queer feminist punk band Problem Patterns sign to Alcopop! Records

The Belfast band Problem Patterns last year released ‘YAW’ which stands for “Yes All Women”,…