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Nialler9 Weekly playlist


George Fitzgerald – Burns

London-based dance producer George Fitzgerald leaves a mark with this layered ambiance-driven track ‘Burns’ which started off as a studio experiment and morphed into its own thing over time. It’s a slow-burner but it really takes off after a few listens.


N*E*R*D & Rihanna – Lemon

Pharrell ditches his run of happy-go-lucky solo material for a return to the NERD sound that made his name as a producer (along with the other two members Chad Hugo and Shay Haley). Here they team up with Rihanna with trademark NERD boom bap beats and tight production but it’s Rihanna who owns the track, rapping like the boss she is.


Jens Kuross – Only The Lonely

Idaho-born musician Jens Kuross explores a more electronic sound with his new track ‘Only The Lonely’. He has the ability to meld electronic textures with a traditional torch-burning singer-songwriter style.


Overcoats – I Don’t Believe In Us

New Yorkers Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell’s new song ‘I Don’t Believe In Us’ shows off the duo’s natural blend in their typical vintage folk and modern pop sounding fashion. Overcoats released their debut album Young earlier this year.


Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine (Soulwax remix)

Belgian brothers Soulwax have remixed British/French actress and musician Charlotte Gainsbourg’s ‘Deadly Valentine’ stripping it back and giving it a funk element.


Baxter Dury – Miami (Parrot and Cocker Too remix)

Jarvis Cocker’s remix of Baxter Dury’s ‘Miami’ off his latest album Prince Of Tears emphasises the haunting tone of the original song as it channels the spirit of the Chromatics and Chilly Gonzales’ I am Europe.


Henry Green – Stay Here

22-year-old Bristol based producer Henry Green‘s new track shows off his soft emotion-evoking vocals while giving an underlining Bon Iver tone to the sound on the track.


EMBRZ – Doubt House

25-year-old, Dublin-born Jack Casey poroduces a high energy tempo with his new track ‘Doubt House’ which he states himself as probably being his favourite track produced so far.

Embrz plays The Button Factory this Friday November 17th. Tickets priced at €13+ are available from Eventbrite.


Krief – Ordinary Lies

Montreal singer-songwriter Krief’s new song ‘Ordinary Lies’, which has just come out via Fierce Panda Records conjurs a gentle lullaby sound that keeps you tuned in throughout.


Kelly Lee Owens – More Than A Woman

This cover of ‘More Than A Woman’ Produced by James Greenwood and Owens offers a bubbling acid arpeggio take on the original by Aaliyah. Kelly Lee Owens pays a fine tribute to a singer that continues to inspire.

Kelly Lee Owens released her self-titled debut album in March of this year.

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Posted on November 13th, 2017


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Louise Bruton is a freelance journalist, pop culture enthusiast, lone wolf and party ledgebag. She loves Craig David and getting famous people on her knee. She combined both of those things just this week. She also runs Legless In Dublin which reviews Dublin places in terms of wheelchair accessibility.

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Kanye West – Fade

Aul Kanye gets a hard time but this song with dirty disco vibes and a bounce so smooth, your shoulders develop a rhythm of their own. The Life of Pablo is full of songs that give us insights into an unhappy life (No More Parties in LA, Real Friends) but Fade is a filthy club hit with dark undertones.


Beyoncé – Formation

I was at a party full of Irish people in London when Formation dropped and we ended up pausing all other playlists and had the song on repeat for the rest of the night. Its combination of pop culture and political statements make it one of Beyoncé’s most powerful songs, adding to the resurgence of protest music for the masses.


Drake – One Dance

When mopey Drake is kicked to the curb, we get dance delicacies like One Dance. This, for me, will forever be the sound of summer 2016. Even when I’m old and weary, the first few strains of this will take me back to dancing at a chip van in the wee hours of the morning at music festival, refusing to go to bed.


All Saints – One Strike

Now, this is a comeback. Influenced by Nicole Appleton’s divorce from Noel Gallagher, One Strike is an understated break up song about defiance that throws All Saints right back to that realm of cool that they specialised in in the late 90s and early 00s.


Rihanna – Kiss It Better

With its shrilling electric guitar riff and durrty R&B groove, Kiss It Better strikes me as the type of song that Lenny Kravitz wish he wrote. This song evokes wind machines, silk shirts and impractical sex scenes normally displayed in movies like Top Gun.


Run the Jewels feat. DJ Shadow – Nobody Speak

Not since Mousse T. has a song had so much horn. The collaboration between Run the Jewels and DJ Shadow is instantly recognisable and with lyrics that portray the worst of humanity, it’s an anthem for this trainwreck of a year that we’ve all managed to survive.


Ariana Grande – Into You

Although many pop fans were hesitant to accept another pop diva in our lives, Ariana came along with this song and we apologised for ever doubting her. With flirtatious lyrics and a throbbing beat, the dance floor becomes a very dangerous place when Into You starts to play.


NAO – Inhale Exhale

NAO was the breath of fresh air that the pop scene needed this year and Inhale/Exhale is a smooth and swirling R&B treat that melts in your mouth.


Tove Lo – Cool Girl

Tove Lo is the bold outlaw of the pop world, writing songs that celebrate our shameful moments instead of hiding them. Cool Girl trips over itself and the words roll into each other, making it an effortless ditty that challenges the power play in relationships.


Adultrock – Put ‘Em Under Nazareth (Jack Charlton v Justice)

Jesus Christ. The first time I heard this, I felt like I had been reborn. Put ‘Em Under Pressure should be Ireland’s national anthem but this version gets the blood pumping and it awakens a tribal roar that you never knew you could muster. Paired with the national pride we had during the Irish fans’ triumph at the Euros this year, this was an attack of the emotions.

Posted on December 8th, 2016


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