Known as a DJ and producer, Robbie Kitt is marking himself apart from his well-known brother David of late with original tracks and a great Afro Edit on Orange Tree.

His newest release is on All City’s new sublabel Pear focusing on house music and you can hear two of these Kaleidoscopic house tunes on Bandcamp.

Robbie says:

“My music is about 2 things: emotion and dancing. For me, the two are deeply connected. On the dancefloor, movement inspires feeling and feeling inspires movement. I want your mind and body to be lost in this experience. The Jigsaw EP is a map to get you there”

The release is out on 12″ and can also be bought with a long-sleeve tee. Release date September 15th.

Posted on August 17th, 2017


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New Dublin edit label Orange Tree Edits released their first 12″ in January and it sold out within a day because the two edits on the release from Jimmy Rouge were high-quality Afrobeat dancefloor weapons.

Volume 2 just came out this week and the quality hasn’t dropped with Cove and R.Kitt delivering another brace of excellent cuts. Cove’s ‘Ibi Won’ adds some heft to the original, while Robbie Kitt (brother of David New Jackson and Dip DJ) sharpens the low-end focus of African Brothers Band’s Ngyegye No So.

Robbie is also putting on the first night of Dublin Dance Society tonight upstairs in Whelan’s as a new showcase night for live electronic acts.

Buy the 12″ before it’s gone.

In person in All City, Dublin

or online:
Rush Hour
Redeye Records

Posted on March 24th, 2017


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Robbie Kitt is a part of the Dip DJ collective and has known to collaborate and play with his brother David, on record, as Spilly Walker and playing his brother’s music live.

Here Robbie strikes out on his own on ‘Oooo’, a square-groove synth instrumental track posted onto Soundcloud last week.

As it happens, Robbie is playing a gig under his own name tonight in Dublin 8’s Tenterhooks as part of Skinny Wolves gig that also features School Tour and CC Dust.

There are more tracks on that Soundcloud account:

Posted on June 14th, 2016