15 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring Skull The Pierre, Callum Wall, Fortune Igiebor; Melts, Matt Taylor, Nixer, Cooks But We’re Chefs, Headgear, Tuath, Súil Amháin, Driven Snow, Dania, Smilez, Katie Phelan, The Love Buzz, Laurie Shaw, The Sei, Sounds of System Breakdown, Sive.

12 new songs from Irish artists you should hear

Featuring T-woc, Jena Keating, John Francis Flynn, Rushes, Carpark, Paper Clap, Tuath, Paddy Mulcahy, Molly Burman, Drew Hall, Franki, Papa Romeo.

Tuath channels the spirit of John Carpenter for “doomer metal” single ‘Pay Your Taxes’

Donegal/Dublin psych project contemplates the nature of social media and Irish politics, with help from Limerick’s Post-Punk Podge.