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Bandcamp Friday: Some releases to buy today (Irish edition)

Bandcamp Friday: Some releases to buy today (Irish edition)

Friday December 4th is the final Bandcamp Friday of 2020, which of course means Bandcamp is waiving the platform’s fees so all money goes to the artists today.

Here’s some ideas on what to support, and if none of it floats your boat, chose one of the independent acts from your Spotify Wrapped this year and give them money by buying a vinyl.

I made a big Twitter thread last month too.

Dublin – Digital Radio – ddr. Compilation 03

Support the work of online radio station Dublin Digital Radio by buying volume 3 of their compilation series featuring 17 tracks from artists like T-woc, Reetabix, Variant Crew, Repeater, Richie Kaboogie and more. It’s primarily a digital compilation but also available as a cassette with an A3 print.

Gash Collective – Gash Trax Vol.1

In case you are unaware, Gash Collective is an Irish collective “focused on providing a platform for female and LGBTQ+ DJs and producers.” Their seven-track EP is out today and features Gadget And the Cloud, ELLLL, Syn, Irene Buckley and more.

There is a tote bag you can buy too.

Patrick Kelleher and his Cold Dead Hands – Stereolith

Paddy Kelleher is back with a new four-tracker on the Wicklow label Remote Town.

“From tales of romance embedded in mythological dreamscapes to a 50s rockstar archetype and the darkness that lies within.”

Natalia Beylis – The Steadfast Starry Universe

‘Described as an audio guidebook to her mystical life in rural Ireland, Natalia Beylis’ The Steadfast Starry Universe is music that lives in the slimy, gooey, squelchy reality of nature, rather than taking in romanticised panoramas. Her lulling arrangements adding a magical levity to the damp, earthy environments that surround them.

The Kiev-born, Baltimore-raised and currently Ireland-dwelling composer crafts gentle, sparse songs on a variety of recognisable and not so easily recognisable acoustic instruments

Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Real Connection Remixes

Arvo Party, Naive Ted and Drain Rod remixes of the Limerick band’s Stir track.

Pillow Queens – In Waiting

Digital version of the Pillow Queens debut. Or buy the vinyl direct from the band.

Silverbacks – Fad

Vinyl version of one of the best Irish rock albums of the year.

Nealo – All The Leaves Are Falling

Nealo’s live set last night at Other Voices was a gift. Support this man and his crew.

Niamh Regan – Hemet

Galway singer-songwriter Niamh Regan also played Other Voices last night and Hemet is one of the year’s best Irish albums.

Malaki – Chrysalis

Just released debut album from Dubliner Malaki. Buy the vinyl direct from the artist.

Sorcha Richardson – First Prize Bravery

A great album from last year. Vinyl available.

Ailbhe Reddy – Personal History

The long-awaited debut album from indie folk singer-songwriter. Vinyl available

The Scratch – Couldn’t Give a Rats

Acoustic speed folk from the Dublin tune merchants.