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Bandcamp users can now make playlists on the app

Bandcamp users can now make playlists on the app

Rejoice Bandcamp users, particularly users of the Bandcamp app.

The platform which offers the best deal for releasing music independently for artists has announced that you can now make playlists from music you’ve bought in your collection via the Bandcamp app.

It’s a functionality that has long been asked for by Bandcamp evangelists. Unlike Spotify, you can only add music you’ve bought to the playlists.

Just go to your collection where you’ll see a new playlist tab. Tap on that, create a playlist, and start adding to it by selecting “add to playlist” from a track or album’s context menu, or via a long press. You can even download the playlists you make so you can listen to them offline.

Get the Bandcamp app visit the Apple AppStore on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android-powered device.