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bAnoffee – ‘Got It’

bAnoffee – ‘Got It’

Australia continues to unearth new musical gems. This time around, Martha Brown aka bAnoffee, a Melbourne singer/producer who has had a few names before (Otouto, Dreamy and Delicious). For her latest project and her latest track ‘Got It’, Brown delves into percussive meandering R&B electronic textures and allows her double-pitched treated voice to sit front and centre.

By the time the title is hit on in the chorus, the song comes together in a wide-open harmony and a melody that gets stuck in your ear, a good time for Brown to unleash further beats onto the listener. The result is a tempered and layered track. It’s taken from a new five-track EP co-produced by Oscar Key Sung.

‘Got It’ is on iTunes.

Banoffee - Reign Down - Directed by Alice Glenn