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Bearbones new song & video

Bearbones new song & video

Bearbones: From left to right, Ken McAllister, Austin Agnew, Martina Leonard, SarahJade Evenden and Bren McGinley.

Bearbones have gifted me two things to share with you all. First up, a new old song from the Skeleton Jones vault, now a Bearbones tune ‘All Things Pass’ with added vocals. In fact, it goes like this: Ken McAllister’s SJ project has been merged with Bearbones.

All Things Pass by Bearbones

We’re going to use Bearbones as a vehicle for our collective and individual interests so you might get a techno heavy track alongside an acoustic or a brief interlude track alongside a 10 minute opus.

Expect “a steady stream of quality tunes” in the near future but for now, here’s the second thing, Bearbones first music video featuring space mission footage.

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