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Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock took the piss with his Rolling Stones Greatest album list submission

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock took the piss with his Rolling Stones Greatest album list submission

Rolling Stone recently published its list of 500 greatest albums , updating it for 2020.

To do so it polled 300 artists, critics and industry to make the list.

The Beastie Boys Ad-Rock put some real artists like Phil Collins and Macka B in there but true to form, quickly devolved into a pisstake list.

His list included completely made up artists like Sergeant Crikey, and album titles like Slip Into Something More Fantastical and Flutes A Plenty.

Ultimate Spinach are, surprisingly, a real band.

There’s even a pisstake Irish album titled as Aileen Mccullough’s An Oiread Sin Báistí.

Here’s his list:

1. Macka B — Sign Of The Times
2. Grits and Gravy — Nuthin’ But The Good Stuff
3. The Frank Figueora Funk Ensemble — Double Bang Bang
4. Chirp — The City Ain’t Tough Enough
5. Sergeant Crikey — It Mek Dem Bubble
6. Hugo Strasser — TanzHits ’71
7. Ultimate Spinach — Ultimate Spinach
8. The Outta Controls — I Need New Friends
9. The Lover’s 2 — Slip Into Something More Fantastical
10. Merv Gelter — Unlinked Passages And Patterns
11. Danice Wilder — Funk Your Body Down
12. Strategic Orchestrations — My Suzuki Sierra Is Bumpin’
13. Jan Pfundt — Gekreuzte Drähte
14. Pops Willard — Bus Station Situation
15. Janice Montcrieff — Pour Me Another Glass Of Whine, You Baby
16. The Dapper Duo — Your Freaky Touch
17. Urszula Dudziak — Urszula
18. Miss Sally Murdoch — Turn Me On When The The Lights Go Off
19. The Cosmonauts (Featuring Shep Greenley) — Bump That Funky Bump
20. Digitz — Why Is That Again?
21. The Satin Velvettes — Sooth My Mood
22. Ebbet Maynfield — Flutes A Plenty
23. Video Kids — Woodpeckers From Space
24. The Pete Smith Quintet — Dynamism
25. Amy Cranterston — The Strength Of The Willow’s Shadows
26. Ruff-N-Ready — We Rhyme Right
27. Phil Collins — Dance Into The Light
28. Westbeth — Down In The Basement (Where The Funk Grows)
29. The Captain — 22lb Turkey
30. Monotony — Witness The Rampage
31. The Tremont High School Drum Line — Marching Band Favorites
32. Chip Button — Drums Are My Bag
33. Crabby Appleton — Rotten To The Core
34. Dr. Funk-A-Dunk — Out Of Bounds On The Dance Floor
35. Bridget Everett and The Tender Moments — Pound It
36. The Clarence Widley Orchestra — Boxcar Business (Original Soundtrack)
37. Melancholia — Exploration Interflection
38. Al Carlton — Too Smooth
39. Earl Wilson — Jr., Let My People Come (A Sexual Musical)
40. Khia — Thug Misses
41. The Dunes of Distance — Equanimity
42. General Echo — 12″ Of Pleasure
43. Aileen Mccullough — An Oiread Sin Báistí
44. Sweet Lou — Already On It
45. The T-Bones — No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)
46. Ladies And Lords — The Mod Way
47. Crianças Loucas — é Meu Agora
48. Juan Epstein — Boogaloo In Brooklyn
49. Little Marcy — Happy Day Express
50. Carmine Rittzi — Freak Your Way Out Of This One