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Bell X1 – ‘Haint Blue’

Bell X1 – ‘Haint Blue’

Bell X1 are set release their new album Merciful Hour on May 26th.

The ten-track album was recorded last year in Dublin with producer John ‘Spud’ Murphy. It’s a project the band have been working on since 2018, this will be their first studio album since Arms in 2016.

Their eighth studio album is being proceeded today by new single ‘Haint Blue’, and a full list of summer dates for the band.

 “Haint Blue was the first song that we worked on for this record, and brought us back into the orbit of the good ship Bell X1. Dave had been listening to a podcast about how porches in parts of the southern U.S. were painted this particular shade of blue to ward off ghosts, or Haints as they were called by the Gullah people in that part of the world.  It led us to dream up a character of a more benign Haint, and an exploration of the surreal, a fever dream of yearning.

Paul Noonan 

Watch a video for the song by Ellius Grace:

“The song sets out a stall of sorts for the record – taking a central image or idea and stretching it beyond the corporeal, untethered.

Like a couple of the others, we got to play Haint Blue live before recording and work with Dowry Strings in realising this idea of the spooky place, with the melodrama of the strings, the voices of a crowd.

Ellius Grace came up with a video treatment that jumps on one of the possible narratives in the song – some kind of rupture in the relationship between a father and daughter, and his hallucinations, regret and yearning for what they had. All set in a spooky gaff…We’ve been fans of his work for some time now so it was great to have this story realised through his lens”.

Paul Noonan 

The album is available on pre-order from Friday on iTunes with instant download of four songs – ‘Haint Blue’, ‘The Lobster’, ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ and’ Light My Way’. 

Merciful Hour Tracklist

  1. Skipping Without a Rope
  2. Haint Blue
  3. The Lobster
  4. Bridge & Tunnel
  5. Something Electric
  6. Spacewalk
  7. Still Singing
  8. As The Demons Have Their Say
  9. Whisper In the Night
  10. Light My Way

Bell X1 Live

Sat 10 June – Cork / Live at the Marquee

Sat 17 June – Limerick / King John’s Castle 

Sat 8 July – Derry / Stendhal Festival

Fri 21 July – Dublin / Iveagh Gardens

Sat 22 July – Laois / Forest Festival

Fri 28 July – Galway / Galway International Arts Festival

Sat 12 August – Listowel / Revival Festival