, The Bernard Shaw celebrates 10 years with Optimo, Girl Band & Meltybrains Supergroup & more

The Bernard Shaw is celebrating 10 years on South Richmond Street and Bodytonic are planning a series of 10 gigs to celebrate from October 14th – 29th this month.

The Shaw was only supposed to be open for 2 years but the recession benefited it and it’s still going.

Highlights of the run include Optimo (see this recent post) and Mister Saturday Night headlining the 14th, Math + Math = Maths – a Girl Band & Meltybrains Supergroup and Don Conroy drawing class paired with a Homebeat show.

October 14 – Bodytonic & RBMA present Optimo, Mister Saturday Night, K15, Adultrock and FeatherFree to members.
October 15 – Hang Tough present 10 years of the Shaw Exhibition & DJs
October 16 – 12 Sunday’s with V. V. Special Secret Guest
October 20 – ‘Jameson Presents’ Live – full line-up coming ASAP
October 21 – Draw with Don Conroy + HomeBeat Live show
October 22 – Coffee Together present: Sagra dell’ Arrosticino, Italian food Festival with Toejam DJs
October 23 – Evolve Paint Jam, Dublin’s finest street artists & music
October 27 – Good Name presents Math + Math = Maths (Girl Band & Meltybrains Supergroup)
October 28 – All City Present Handsome Paddy 93 til’ Infinity
October 29 – The Bernard Shaw Flea Halloween Night Market