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Blogger turned Breakcore DJ?

Blogger turned Breakcore DJ?

It may interest factions of the Irish blogosphere that a certain biscuit-loving blogger has, since dropping his keyboard turned to making a racket in the form of some noisy noisy breakcore. Yes, El Commandant P of In Fact Ah better known for blogging about biscuits is now working under the alter-ego of Jean Michel Jarred.

If you want to catch him at a gig, Friday night he is playing the warm-up slot for the Fire at Night lads in Kennedys. Kalpol, Herv and Creator will be on afterwards.

For now though, here is a 60 minute mix from Jean Michel Jarred for your listening pleasure. Tracklisting below. Breakcore madness.

Jean Michel Jarred Mix (ZIP)


1. Bob Marley – Babylon System, Survival, [Island Records]
2. Cardopusher – Bring More Fire, Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations, [Peace Off]
3. Bong-Ra – Giddeon War, Warrior Sound, [Supertracks] (CDr)
4. Rotator – Untouchables, Choose Your Poison, Mine is Hardcore!!!, [Ad Noiseam]
5. Knifehandchop – Taking the Soul out of Music VS Vertival, TKO in Tokyo, [Tigerbeat6]
6. Chezny Hawks – Rolf Wank Track, Shitmat Present… the Rolf Harris Mashup CD, [Wrong Music]
7. Shitmat – Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic, Hang the DJ, [Wrong Music]
8. Doormouse – Skelechairs (Venetian Snares remix), Skelechairs, [Addict Records]
9. FFF- Nun Inna Dat, Clash of the Titans, [Mindbender Records]
10. Enduser – Kick Dem Down, From Zero, [Mirex]
11. Maladroit – Funky Parasite Riddim, Polyester Wolf, [Power Violence]
12. Ebola – Necrophiliac Dance Party, Reflective Shots, [Wrong Music]
13. Society Suckers – Kamasutrash 2001, Not the Suckers Again, [ kool.POP]
14. Maladroit – Woodpeckers are from Mars, Polyester Wolf, [Power Violence]
15. LFO Demon – Mokum Riddim, Clash of the Titans, [Mindbender Records]
16. Shitmat – In a Previous Life I was an Onion Sandwich, Hang the DJ, [Wrong Music]

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