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Boxcutter Dublin Gig and Live Sessions

Boxcutter Dublin Gig and Live Sessions


I’ve been getting excited about this as it will be the first time I catch a live Boxcutter set.

Stasis Collective present Boxcutter in 4 Dame Lane on the 22nd of February. The set will consist of a live 3-Piece Band (Drummer / synths / sampler / guitar) booming on a €6,000 rig. Boxcutter, known to his ma as Barry Lynn is Ireland’s premium dubstep producer with recent album Glyphic seeing him extending his sound sonically with jazz and electronica influences apparent.

Support on the night comes from Ed Devane who was telling me about his home-made instrument over the weekend, Kachanski and Statis resident Patch. Visual support comes from Kavi [Stasis / Parastate999], Relict [Parastate999], John Lineen [Stasis] & Razz [Stasis].

Check out this Boxcutter BBC Radio 1 Experimental live session below and stream Sunday’s Lyric FM Nova Live Session on RTE.


Boxcutter – Glyphic mix for Radio 1 Experimental Show (Oct 2007)


More blurb on Statis Collective after the jump.

Statis Collective

Stasis is a Dublin-based artistic collective that was formed in September 2006. Its concepts are simple; a combined group effort both to produce and perform through various multimedia and to provide a platform upon which these ideas can develop, furthering each of its members and their work.

The collective also strives to promote and encourage the emergent art of VJing in Dublin alongside musical intentions consisting of quirky electronica, abstract techno and dubstep

Throughout the past year, Stasis have worked with MWB Promotions, Klitekture Records, Canaria Crea, Bodytonic and Dinners Ready Productions to name but a few and have already began promoting Irish music and visual art abroad, having played in Berlin in July and Barcelona during Sonar week.

The coming months will see the first release from [Stasis|Net], a free, web-based record label. For info on this, upcoming events and more, visit .

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