, Caribou drummer Pick A Piper drops a synth swirl on ‘Nikko’

Brad Weber will be familiar to some of you in the way that you’ll have seen him on-stage pounding the skins at Caribou live shows.

The Ontario’s own music is released under the name Pick A Piper and a new album Distance arrives on March 3rd, influenced by his travels.

A bewitching slow-rave travelogue of sounds and stories picked up along the way, it’s a record that simmers with both the excitement of adventuring to these locales, and the melancholy of the people you leave behind to visit them. “It’s a great source of heartache, but also a great source of joy,” Weber explains of an album “about trying to balance connectivity with chronically being away.”

‘Nikko’ is a syth-swirling arpeggio with tough drums and low-end perhaps also informed by Dan Snaith’s other project Daphni and his involvement with Caribou.