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cbakl – ‘Changes’ feat Leo Miyagee & Curtisy

cbakl – ‘Changes’ feat Leo Miyagee & Curtisy

Leo Miyagee and Curtisy feature on ‘Changes’ on the new track from alt hip-hop beat producer cbakl, bridging the Ireland rap North / South divide nicely.

It’s a song that features on the upcoming Former Blessings EP, which features four tracks along with ‘Changes’, and recent track ‘Oh My Days’ with Alicia Raye and Keanu the Pilot.

Listen here:

cbakl has been invited to perform live at the BBC Introducing Live event as part of Belfast International Arts Festival at the Limelight on October 13th.

Cbakl on Insta.

“I kind of disappeared for a couple years with regards to serious music releases and I felt I had a lot of growth to do, both personally and as an artist. I think that really resonates in this new music. As an artist it’s quite easy to get pigeon-holed into one particular sound, especially with the success I had when I was younger with the lo-fi stuff. I didn’t want to just be known as ‘that lofi guy’ or that hip-hop producer”.

About cbakl

cbakl is an alternative hip hop artist producing eclectic beats drawing influence from jazz, R&B, soul and house. Starting out uploading tracks to SoundCloud aged 15, he began gaining an organic following online and has now progressed to becoming one of Ireland’s most in demand beatmakers. Successfully transitioning focus from SoundCloud to Spotify & Apple Music, he has amassed over 10 million streams across various platforms and had two songs featured on the RTE show Kin, starring Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders) and Emmett J. Scanlan (Peaky Blinders, The Fall) and supervised by David Holmes. Joining Word Up Collective in early 2022, he released two more soul sampling singles – ‘man she loves’ and ‘new girls every night’ – before starting work on material featuring some of the most exciting musicians in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, the first example of which saw him collaborate with Yorkshire MC Chiedu Oraka.

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