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Celaviedmai bounces back from a broken heart on For Me (Premiere)

Celaviedmai bounces back from a broken heart on For Me (Premiere)

After early hype from a series of publications including Vice, Notion and New York Times, Galway rapper Celaviedmai has started solidifying her place as a major contender in Irish hip-hop through a series of excellent singles over the last year. Recent cuts like the crushing trap of ‘Confessions’ and silky smooth emotions of ‘Ungrateful’ have showcased an artist finding her sound through eclectic approaches and a dynamic skill set.

Today we’re premiering her newest single ‘For Me’.

‘For Me’ continues the trajectory of ‘Ungrateful’ through early noughties R&B production and sugary sweet melodies. Featuring a perfectly matched collaboration from Super Silly’s Hudis, ‘For Me’ is instantly infectious and likeable as hell. Celaviedmai shows herself to be a compelling artist who pushes herself to go somewhere new with each track and it’s refreshing to see an artist avoiding formulaic releases so early in her career.

“It’s about a heartbreak I’ve recently went through ironically the guy who broke my heart is on this song. We love, we fight, we break up but the love will always be there” says Celavidmai. “As much as you want to be with someone sometimes you just can’t. I really want this song to touch and inspire those who are going through it right now that they will be okay regardless of how much it hurts”.

Celaviedmai will be supporting the release of ‘For Me’ at the SUAS – Stand Up Against Suicide – hip-hop night on October 14. She will also be joined by performances from Aaron J, MA-KA, Daly, Sean X, Ari Noir and Gerry D as well as DJ sets from DJ Frank Jez (FM104) and Why-axis with Mister KYB on MC duties. Tickets are on sale now.

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