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Chance The Rapper’s ‘Sunday Candy’ video will make you happy

Chance The Rapper’s ‘Sunday Candy’ video will make you happy


Chance The Rapper isn’t your ordinary rap dude. Under various guises including his own and with his collective as Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, he’s been releasing sad songs, freestyle songs, rap hook-heavy tracks, lyrical explorations and music that’s just been totally his own bag.

When ‘Sunday Candy’ debuted, it was a classic blast of fresh musical air. Unabashed in its pop hooks, large on feeling and emotion, theatrical in its positive execution.

If you ever need a song to pick you up that sounds like it could exist on a musical, ‘Sunday Candy’ is it. So it’s new short film/video takes that theatricality and celebrates it with an on-set chorus dancing and Chance showing us his impressive moves. Further proof of Chance Bennett’s ambition and the fact that he’s keeping it independent away from the major labels is impressive.