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Christian Cohle can’t see the woods from the trees on ‘Jungle’

Christian Cohle can’t see the woods from the trees on ‘Jungle’

The Irish producer Christian Cohle has a track record in creating electronic music with a singer-songwriter sensibility that often movesd into atmospheric indie-pop.

Most recently heard on songs like ‘Strength’, ‘Another Life’, and ‘Wasted’ of which two are certain to feature on the 2023 album Wetlands

‘Jungle’ is the latest example of Cohle’s finely-tuned craft, ‘Jungle’ is a six-minute journey, through the artist’s psyche set to bold nocturnal sonic strokes.

“Jungle’s about me grappling with my sense of control, about fading intimacy and doomed romance. I had watched a Werner Herzog documentary called Burden of Dreams, and the feverish jungle setting really inspired me. It became a metaphor that I used for what I was going through at the time. Feeling totally lost and swallowed up by a chaotic force I eventually had no other choice but to yield to. I tried to make the music reflect that also. I wanted Jungle to have this sense of adventure to it, a kinetic psychedelic energy, a sadness that moves along, through different time periods and places. It features a massive arpeggio section at the crescendo, produced from layered arpeggios, before fading into a beautiful ending, performed by Renaud-Gabril Pion on the bass clarinet.”

Christian Cohle

Listen to ‘Jungle’ here ahead of release this Friday.

Christian Cohle on Insta. / Spotify