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Introducing: Clu – a Dublin A/V duo

Introducing: Clu – a Dublin A/V duo

Clu are a duo who started with the electronic productions of Sean Cooley before Kevin A. Freeney got involved on the visual side of things. There is a playful experimental edge to the songs and the visuals. The edits posted on Soundcloud contain pitched-down or up sampled elements (‘Whip My Hair’ on ‘Willow’ for example) and could conceivably be labelled post-dubstep. They certainly share that same grey-area space.

The video above for their new track ‘What Can I Say?’ is their most edifying collaboration yet. Though I would like to see a more unifying style throughout the visual (the middle breaks it up too much for me personally), the tune is top notch. It’s taken from The First One EP which appears to include all this in it’s release package.

Clu – Sugar (feat CosmicBoy) by CLU music

Clu – Before by CLU music

Clu – Willow by CLU music

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