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CMAT – ‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby’

CMAT – ‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby’

It’s almost hard to believe such has been the reliable presence of CMAT in Irish music industry in 2020, but today, the “global pop star” (her words) has released just her third solo single.

‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!’ trades in CMAT’s love of Americana and self-ribbing that could be a sad sack of a pitying song were it not for CMAT’s thoroughly magnetising vocals, the memorable chorus and the bright simple instrumentation.

The song follows on ‘Rodney Dangerfield’ and ‘Another Day (KFC’).

It’s mainly about urban isolation – about having all of the freedom and resources to do whatever you want but still choosing to do nothing out of deeply-embedded social anxiety and detachment from your own emotions. Sometimes you just turn around and ask yourself, “Why is my life crap? I don’t do anything, Why not?”. I never really have an answer to that, but I wish it was different. I want to be a cowboy instead.’ 


CMAT Live:
Oct 2,3: Sofft Nights, Navan
Oct 6: Ireland Music Week
Oct 28: Whelan’s Upstairs, Dublin (sold out)
Oct 29: Whelan’s Upstairs, Dublin (sold out)
Oct 30: Kino, Cork (early show, sold out + late show)
Oct 31: Connolly’s, Leap (late show)


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