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Colin J Morris – Petrichor EP

Colin J Morris – Petrichor EP

This first release by Dubliner Colin J Morris, Petrichor is pitched somewhere between ambient electronica, soundtrack scores and luscious instrumental music. The four-track 26 minute EP is sombre, haunting, ethereal and doleful. The title Petrichor refers to “the scent of rain on dry earth” and while we’re comparing music to senses, there’s a pastel colour to the music here, many shades of a soft palette dealing in uplifting yet contemplative music.

Petrichor was recorded composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Morris. Colin’s day job is writing music for film, TV and theatre with singer Miriam Ingram, under the name Tootsweet. He also produced the sound for RTE’s When Under Ether live performances. He was also a member of ’90s Irish band Sunbear. He’s on Twitter at ColinJM.

The EP is available for download for a pay-what-you-want fee from Bandcamp.

Petrichor by colin.j.morris

Artwork by Morgan Acker (hand-drawn with water colours, graphite and ink).
Mastered by Stephen Quinn at Analogheart

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