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Conor Miley – ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ (video premiere)

Conor Miley – ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ (video premiere)

The Irish indie artist Conor Miley today debuts with an ambitious and excellent video for the title track from his forthcoming album Thousand Yard Stare, out September 29th.

‘Thousand Yard Stare’ is a grand, swelling song exploring the anxiety felt by somebody living with an anxious attachment style in a romantic relationship.”

The impressive video was directed by Michael-David McKernan, who worked on a previous video, and features performer Dr. Count Evil.

“There is such an amazing energy and pain in the performance that resonates beautifully with the song. Conor’s music has a wonderful theatricality and grandness to it, so coupling that with Dr. Count Evil’s imagination made for a perfect match. There’s a feeling of entrapment and restlessness that pops off the screen, which mirrors the themes of heartbreak that Conor’s song explores.”

Michael-David McKernan (Director)

“This song was originally written on a guitar I set about creating a dramatic composition built on 13th chords and orchestrally influenced percussion. Referencing the manic inner talk that anxiety creates, I performed the choruses as a cappella vocal harmonies. The gospel influenced finale to the song provides an optimistic and hopeful conclusion to the emotional turmoil that has come before.”

Conor Miley

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