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Crack up with We Cut Corners in the new video for ‘Laughing Maniacally’

Dublin-based indie duo We Cut Corners have gifted the world with a dose of humour in the video for their new single ‘Laughing Maniacally’.

The track comes from the duo’s forthcoming Imposters album, the group’s fourth to date. It hears the band sounding sharp, with the pair honing in closer still on an uptempo version of the indie rock they’ve come to make their signature sound.

Sonically, the tune feels closer to the group’s early material than much of what made up The Cadences Of Others, the album which precedes Imposters. Gone are the string sounds and heavy layering of that record in favour of showcasing the electric chemistry the guitarist and drummer share as a duo.

Directed by Adam O’Regan, the video is set around a simple premise, watching others laughing on cue. Simple yet effective. It’s unabashedly feel good and a perfect audio-visual treat for a wet afternoon in Dublin.

Imposters is available for pre-order now from the Delphi label website.

The song is accompanied by a remix from Le Boom:

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