, CRW$HD channel the brattiness of the Beastie Boys on new EP

There haven’t been many Beastie soundalikes over the years because it’s hard to recreate the magical chemistry that Mike D, Adrock and MCA had in their rhymes and production.

But there’s no doubt that Brookyln group CRW$HD (CREWSHADE) are channelling the Beasties’ early to mid ’90s styles as heard on Check Your Head and Ill Communication.

CRW$HD are led by Lolawolf producer Jimmy Giannopoulos and also features Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint on bass. There is a four-track EP 7″ release.

Giannopoulos says:

“Groups like Nihilistics, Heart Attack, and Beastie Boys played a role in my youth and I fuck with them as an adult. Being immersed in graffiti and skate culture as a child has shaped my aesthetic artistically and as a creator.”