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Crystal Swing – He Drinks Tequila MP3

Crystal Swing – He Drinks Tequila MP3

Crystal Swing
Crystal Swing
Mary, Derek and Dervla FTW!
You know you want it. The family showband trio band from Midleton, Co. Cork have blown up on the internets in the last week: newspaper bits, a Panti re-interpretation, radio shows, Late Late Show rumours, Irish blog posts galore, constant Twitter mentions supplementary Hucklebuck appreciation, a Facebook fan page, a Videogum post, even Ellen Degeneres tweeted about them. Imagine them doing an Oxegen slot? WORLD DOMINATION!

Next time you’re DJing or playing tunes at a party, you know you’ll want this in your arsenal. It’s an audio rip of the Youtube video with the intro included. You’re welcome. The video that started it all off after the jump.

MP3: Crystal Swing – He Drinks Tequila (rip)

Song removed because I’d like to move on with posting music I actually enjoy. It was a silly post that got out of hand. I want this blog to be about positivity and this is not that.

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