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Delorean – ‘Stay Close’

Delorean – ‘Stay Close’


delorean Spain’s Delorean made an impression with the people I know who saw them at SXSW and rightly so judging by ‘Stay Close”. The band’s sound is nostalgic Mediterranean dance jams coloured with piano and evocative harmonies. Take ‘Seasun’ for example – a hypnotic piano-led tune that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the soundtrack to The Beach or in the middle of a ’90s playlist.

‘Stay Close’ follows in a similar vein – and is awash with Brother Sport-esque whoops and a energetic synth-line. This is music for your holidays. True Panther will release their album Subiza in June but if you pre-order the CD or Vinyl now, you get the download of the album right now. Good deal!

Delorean – Stay Close