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Denise Chaila goes full medieval cosplay in the ‘Anseo’ video

Denise Chaila goes full medieval cosplay in the ‘Anseo’ video


Ah look, it’s another week, which means there’s another reason to talk about Limerick rapper Denise Chaila and her excellence.

This time in the form of the ‘Anseo’ remix video in which Chaila, her Narolane brethren and Jafaris go full medieval cosplay with a video shot in Dromoland Castle in Clare that makes clear the artist’s love of fantasy and swordplay, as heard in her now Choice-nominated debut mixtape/album Go Bravely.

Pharoah, black James Bond, warrior queen in effect.

The video shot by Stephen Hall, was premiered on The Fader today, where Denise said:

“What you’re watching is a conspiracy of hope. I’m always looking for the common denominator between Tolkien, Tupac and mo teaghlach – my home. So everything you see from the joy to the fire, the armour, the castles and energy; all of it was made by a group of people who refuse to let each other’s dreams die. “Anseo” means “here.” So here is my confidence, here is my defiance, here are the things I care about, here is my blackness, here is how I dream. I am not a queen; I’m alive and it’s enough.”