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Denise Chaila, MuRli & God Knows are only warming up; new song ‘Water’ out today

Denise Chaila, MuRli & God Knows are only warming up; new song ‘Water’ out today

Hard work, more hard work and a high-functioning work rate and quality are the things that define the Narolane crew of Denise Chaila, MuRli and God Knows, who only yesterday won the Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year for Go Bravely, Chaila’s debut mixtape / album.

Narolane, as a label and collective is something which has coagulated around the group’s members solo releases, now housing all three artists (and others to come) in a way that feels like just another notch or signifier of quality, pulling all together under one roof.

The Limerick label is officially today releasing a collaborative song from the three powerhouses Denise Chaila, God Knows and MuRli.

‘Water’ is just another jewel in their crown, the first telegraph from, guess what, a full-length project to come (I have asked and they do actually sleep).

They say, eloquently as ever:

‘Water’ rebukes oppression and refuses false narratives of inferiority. It is a joyous battle cry that fleshes out the truth of entitlement to dignity, to jubilation, to life. To pure water. 

Make no mistake: narolane is not simply a record label, it is not simply a collective – it is a revolution. It challenges, it searches, it asks and invites questions. It seeks truth and justice. And it does so with excellence and innovation that, until now, the world has only glimpsed.