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Denise Chaila’s Ed Sheeran song has landed

Denise Chaila’s Ed Sheeran song has landed

Limerick artist Denise Chaila announced this day last week that she was doing an Ed Sheeran collab, and today the song has landed.

It’s just the latest step in the conquering of the culture by the Irish artist, poet, spoken word artist and singer, who is just off 8 nights playing live with Ed Sheeran in stadiums in Ireland.

I feel like I’m dreaming or sleepwalking. This is without question the biggest opportunity I’ve had in my career so far to grow my aspirations beyond the limits of my own expectations. Being asked to remix 2step was a dream, and being Ed’s support act was beautiful because mostly, it was him supporting me. Offering my voice to a song about pushing through difficulty to dance inside joy was, honestly, the perfect way to approach the immensity of what these opportunities mean to me. This has been affirming, emboldening and beautiful and I hope what I managed to do here feels good, and right and does justice to Ed’s heart for this song.’


Sheeran has been doing a series of remixes of his song ‘2Step’ with various artists. As well as Chaila , Sheeran has remixes of the song with Lil Baby, Reezy, Potter Payper, Leto and more.

Here’s the Chaila remix: